How To Choose The Right Block of Land- Part 1

Do you know exactly what you need to think about when you are looking at buying a block of land for your new dream home? There are a few important things you really need to check and consider before buying land, as your selected block is going to determine far more than just your new home address!

It may seem like a confusing task at first, but once you know what to look for, it’s actually quite simple! Here are some tips to help you get started.

House or land – what comes first?

‘Block of land before dream home?’ or ‘dream home before the block of land’? This is the chicken and egg question frequently asked by people as it is easy to get excited and rush straight into listing all the necessities for the design, style and colours of your new home and figure out the rest later.

The block of land is an important starting point when you consider your lifestyle, location, availability, budget and what suits you and your family best now and in the future.


This might seem obvious but think about how the area feels- do you like the area? Is it conveniently located to the things that are important to you like schools, shops, work, medical services, leisure activities or would you prefer it to be ‘just far enough away’ from all those things?

Have you looked -into the proposed future amenities, zoning, roads and development plans for the area? Is this area both practical and comfortable and most of all- does it suit your lifestyle?

How can the location affect the home’s materials, design and cost?

So, you love the area and want to move ahead with your plans?

Talk to the developer and check if there are any covenants or service easements that may restrict your design and building options and plans. Covenants dictate the style, colours and materials for your new home and what is allowed to- be built in the area, for example, sheds, fencing style, specific building materials, colours etc.

Easements may restrict future -plans for digging in swimming pools or other solid structures on certain blocks. Boundary set back requirements determine where exactly you are allowed -to position your home.

Find out if the area is rated for bush fire or floods, high winds or if it is heritage restricted?

These points can also have an impact on the design of your home, the materials you can use as well as the construction cost. For example, building in a bushfire prone area or a flood prone area will require your home to meet certain upgraded standards in order to comply with building codes and to stand up to the natural elements!

Block Size

You’ve hunted through Pinterest and read all the house magazines so you have a fairly good idea of what your dream home is going to look like and how many bedrooms you will have.

But will it actually fit on the block you will need?

How important is a usable backyard for you? Do you have children or pets who like to play in the backyard? Do they have a trampoline or a swingset? Would they like a sandpit? Are you thinking of putting a pool in later -on?

Or- do you require side access for your boat, caravan, or another vehicle? Then you really need to consider the width of your block as well as the length.

Services and streetscape

Has the land developer made sure that you have connections to services like gas and water on your block – not just close to it? Is there a light post at the front dictating how you need to position your home relative to your driveway plans? Look at surrounding trees and see if they will cast a shadow over your home and yard and find out if you will be allowed to remove these down the track if needed.

Need more advice?

At Alatalo Bros we have teams ready to work with you to answer all your questions or help you find the best block of land through the estates on Alatalo Land in Albury-Wodonga and Wagga Wagga. We have 11 estates available with a huge variety of blocks and regular new releases. Browse through our interactive Estate maps to find out information about each Alatalo estate and have a look at our house and land packages with discounts.

Remember, your property should be in service to the house you want to build. Ultimately, you want a property that suits your lifestyle and the home you want to build the best possible way.

Need more tips about orientation, soil type and slope? We have some more tips in Part 2


Tony Moyle

Land Sales Albury-Wodonga


Paul Eady

Land Sales Wagga Wagga




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