Things to consider when designing a new home -part 1

Are you thinking about building a new home?

Does the thought of designing and building a new home feel like an exciting but somewhat daunting idea and you’re not quite sure where to start? Who to ask help from? What to do next? How does it all work anyway? These are some of the tips we at Alatalo Bros recommend you consider before you grab the pen and paper and write down the list of your wishes for your new dream home.

You have probably driven through new estates looking at new homes, loving some and loathing others, collecting ideas, images and samples for your dream home and you feel ready to take the next step into getting someone to put it all together for you? Do you know exactly what you need to think about when designing your dream home? If you invest a bit of time into doing your homework, you will thank yourself later- on.

A block of land- Have you got this?


Is it right for you? Do you know where you will be building the new home or need to look -into finding the perfect block of land? Have you driven around looking at different estates or do you know exactly where you want to live? Buying land is an important decision you need to make before you start designing your home, so it can be designed as well as possible to suit the block you have selected. There are also a few things to consider when buying land -Did you know that the estate covenants may dictate the style and materials of your new home and what is allowed to- be built in the area, for example sheds, certain building materials, fencing style etc. Bush fire rated zones can also dictate the materials that can be used, as they need to comply with regulations.

We have blog posts available about choosing the right block of land with some great tips and info. If you are interested in building in Albury-Wodonga or Wagga Wagga, you can start your journey by having a look at our interactive maps of estates through Alatalo Land and see what is available- we have 11 estates to choose from at most sought -after areas and the blocks come in various sizes and styles.

Already have a block?


Great news! We will come and build where you want to live.

Orientation and home design


This is one of the biggest considerations and advantages when building a new home.  Have you thought about the direction your block of land faces? Where will the main living areas be facing? Are you able to modify this to gain the best orientation? Ideally, you need to talk to your building designer and consider having these areas facing North so you can gain a maximum amount of natural light and winter sun and heat, whilst keeping the hot summer sun out. You want to create a comfortable home that not only feels great to live in but is also as energy wise as possible, so you won’t have to spend big on heating and cooling in the long run. If you have a favourite plan in mind make sure you find out if you are able to make some changes if needed, to make it a good fit.


Is your block sloping?


The slope of the block can have a great impact on the design but also the building cost of your house. A block with a lot of slope can often be well priced, but will require cutting and filling the land, removing the soil, as well as building retaining walls, which all add to the cost of your build. At the same time– you might end up with a unique custom designed split-level home with the best views in town. A home that suits you and your lifestyle perfectly.

Do some thinking


Before you start with the actual floorplan design, it is a good idea to invest some time into thinking about how you and your family live, what is your lifestyle now and in the next few years? what is important to you in your home?

We all love homes ‘with the lot’- but It is good to think about what really are the absolute must- have features and functions you want in your new home? What is most important to you? functional design? the number of bedrooms? Custom created floorplan? quality fittings and finishes? the right style and colours? energy wise lifestyle choices? a big garage with extra storage? a shed? stone benchtops? butler’s pantry?

We all like something different and have our own ideas of perfect homes- What are you willing to be flexible with and what is an absolute necessity to you? Dot down some ideas and wishes to bring into the meeting with your drafting team.

How about your future- plans?


You might have a fairly good idea what your dream home is going to look like and how many bedrooms it will have, but will it fit on the block you like? How important is a usable backyard to you? Do you have children or pets who like to play on the yard? Do they have a trampoline, a sandpit or a swing set?

Do you require side access for storing a boat or a caravan? Are you planning on getting a swimming pool or building a shed later down the track?

Do you like to entertain and want an open plan alfresco living area with undercover BBQ or want to add an outdoor kitchen?

We have done a lot of groundwork and created floor plans and house and land packages to suit most blocks on Alatalo Land. You can modify these as much as you want or better yet, get our in -house building designers create complementary custom designed floor plans with you to suit your block of land perfectly. We include a free custom design service to our clients, so they will end up with the best house for the block. These packages also come with attractive discounts, so you can spend the money on that big shed or pool instead.

Want more design tips about functional floor plans, layouts, style, materials and inclusions? – have a look at part 2


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